When I first entered law school, I was both encouraged and inspired by the tradition of seniors passing down “Muggers” (which are basically compiled, condensed and compartmentalised notes) to juniors because this on-going phenomenon manifestly dispels the myth of overzealous competitiveness and wanton selfishness that many people wrongfully associate law students with.

In doing my part to further this worthwhile cause, I have uploaded my personal exam-ready (read: not the best notes for understanding of the topic, though some people have found the overarching framework a helpful vantage point into the respective areas of law) notes on the various subjects I have taken in Law, of which I feel are comprehensive enough, for public use.

I would also like to, once again, acknowledge all the various Muggers which I have relied on and borrowed ideas from.

Finally, given that there may be mistakes in my notes, I highly encourage you to conscientiously read cases and relevant articles and to discuss any questions you have with study groups and professors. All the best for law school!


Nick’s Muggers

Nick’s Essays

Advanced Torts (Visiting Prof Christian A Witting)Finals Research Paper (A)
Entertainment Law (Prof David Tan)Mid-Term Case Commentary (A+)
Legal Analysis, Writing & Research (Prof Eleanor Wong)Closed Memo (A-) | Statutory Memo (A)
Tort Law (Prof Goh Yi Han)Take Home Exam (A-)

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